Vilnius University Life Sciences Centre (VU LSC)

Vilnius university was founded in the 16th century, spreading ideas from the Renaissance, Reformation and Catholic Reformation. It is considered one of the oldest universities in Central and Eastern Europe. Vilnius University Life Sciences Centre is a vast 24084complex built in Vilnius Saulėtekis district in 2016. Inside there is a modern research and teaching laboratories, workrooms and audiences. Both research and training processes are carried out at Vilnius University Life Sciences Centre. Public spaces are adapted for recreation, public events and studying.

Research at VU LSC

Research carried out in Vilnius University Life Sciences Centre is recognised internationally: Professor Virginijus Šikšnys was among the candidates for the Nobel Prize for the discovery of a CRISPR system that could be used to edit DNA to alter the genome in specific ways. We are proud and happy to hold The 5th Congress of Baltic Microbiologists in the Vilnius University Life Sciences Centre - the pulsing heart of Lithuania's technology development!

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Travelling to VU LSC

VU LSC can be comfortably reached from various Vilnius districts using public transport:

  • Buses

  • Trolleybuses

  • Express buses

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